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Increase your sales exponentially

Thanks to the commercial references received from other entrepreneur

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Being recognized as a reliable entreprenuer

By the evaluation received from customers and suppliers

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Get benefits for recommending reliable suppliers like you!

A Closed sale = economic gratification or in-kind

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Expand your international network of contacts and business

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Increase your contact network

We want to create a new culture of collaboration with honesty, respect, ethics, reliability, responsibility, commitment, professionalism, trust, fellowship, and union.

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Our plans

(free forever)

  • * 50 contacts
  • * Unlimited references within your network
  • * 2 references from external users per month
  • * Radar coverage up to 3 miles around
  • * 20 guests in business meetings
$ 0

Ambassadors Annual Program

  • * Unlimited contacts
  • * Unlimited references within your network
  • * Unlimited references from external users
  • * Radar coverage up to 6 miles around
  • * 100 guests in business meetings
  • * Change epicenter of radar search
  • * Sort users by ranking
  • * Searching of business meetings
  • * Invisible mode
$ 0
Achieving 50 free registrations in Bwomi, whithin 60 days of your registration.

"Focus on your expertise and let us show it to the world"

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Frequent questions

What is Bwomi?

It is an international entrepreneurs’ network and independent professionals that can share clients and reliable suppliers through the app. BWOMI means: Business World Of Mouth International.
Mission: create a new culture, commercial collaboration and reliable standards between entrepreneurs and independent professionals around the world.
Vision: Being the most modern and productive business network of the world
Values and attributes: honesty, respect, ethics, reliability, responsibility, commitment, professionalism, trust, fellowship, and union.

What is Bwomi for?

Bwomi is an app that harnesses the power of word of mouth recommendation so that entrepreneurs and independent professionals recommend each other and thereby increase their sales and prestige since the app records the ratings that customers give to suppliers and suppliers to customers, thus creating a large community of entrepreneurs committed to their prestige and business.
Bwomi is made up of 1 powerful function: Network: is the system that allows you to create your business network and generate your business prestige by receiving ratings from your customers.

Who was this app created for?

It was created for entrepreneurs and independent professionals of all sizes and turns that exist in the world.
As long as you have a product or service to offer, Bwomi is for you, no matter what business or sector of the economy you are. Bwomi was created to bring entrepreneurs closer, facilitate their human relationships and foster business.

What devices does it work on?

It’s available for Smartphones Android 5.1 lollipop and IOS 11 or higher.

What plans and how much do they cost?

Option 1: free version forever.
Option 2: (Ambassador Program) Free Premium for one year if you can invite 100 friends to register for the free version before March 31, 2020
Option 3: Premium all inclusive $ 35 usd per month $ 32 usd per month in semiannual payment $ 25 usd per month in annual payment.

How do I register?

Step 1) Download the application on your smartphone from this page, in the App Store or on Google Play
Step 2) Register and offer if you like an economic or in-kind gratification to whom a customer who closes for sale recommends you
Step 3) Verify your account through the email we will send you
Step 4) Enter the app and enjoy expanding your network of business contacts

How do I start using Bwomi?

Step 1: All starts inviting your reliable business friends to download the bwomi app and add to your network of business contacts.
You can invite and add to your network of business contacts in the following 3 ways:
Find your fiends how already use Bwomi through the member search by name
Invite your business friends that you have in your phone book
Add other Bwomi members by reading the Qr code of your profile

Step 2: Then you can receive or send commercial references from potential customers who, through a talk, asked you to recommend a good supplier of a particular product or service.

Step 3: Attend and monitor the sales process in the most professional way possible, to gain a positive customer rating that leads you to the ranking of reliable suppliers.